Rotary Hay Rakes versus Reel Hay Rakes

The project reviewed research on reel hay rakes versus rotary hay rakes. The key questions addressed were: • Features and benefits of both types of rake, • Research on applications, tips and producer preferences, • Practices and preferences in Australia, the EU, USA and Turkey. Client Comments: “Very thorough. Excellent[…]

The Impact of Extreme Weather on Scottish Agriculture 2017/18

The aim of this study was to estimate the economic cost (to farmers and insurers) of the extreme weather events affecting Scottish farmers during 2017-2018. The project deliverables covered: The costs of livestock losses (mainly lambs) The cost of losses to cereal and oilseed rape, and vegetable producers; The cost[…]

Asian Market Data

Description: To provide market data with sources on Agriculture and Forestry within Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam and the Philippines; Information on the numbers Growers/Producers and Equipment providers for each industry; The % breakdown of numbers by geographical location within each country. Client Feedback:  “Project executed well and in time.”

Exploring Australian Domestic Market Opportunities

This study on the Australian market looked at the food imports and consumption in the Australian market. The client was interested in opportunities within the Australian domestic food market, and to develop home grown agricultural production that will fully cater to the consumption of the Australian population and for the[…]

US Speciality Crops

The project was to undertake secondary market research on the US organic speciality crops market.

Feasibility Study on Investment in Agricultural land in Bulgaria

The project was a feasibility study for an agricultural investment in Bulgaria. The work examined different crop and livestock options for a farming enterprise, along with the potential costs of land, the financial returns, along with the operational and legal issues associated with the investment. Client Feedback: “Jonathan  is a[…]

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