US Meat Production 2014

The latest USDA meat production figures are out for 2014, beef is estimated as down by 5.7% on 2013, pig meat down by 1.5%, whilst poultry meat is up by 1.5%. The fall in beef production is being driven by falling cattle slaughter numbers, down by 7.1% year on year, with cattle in historically short supply. Pig meat production was impacted by disease issues during the year.

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New Zealand vets aim to phase out antibiotic use in livestock

The threat of antibiotic resistance to human and veterinary medicine from the excessive use of antibiotics in livestock is moving up the agenda. In March McDonald’s unveiled their Global Vision for Antimicrobial Stewardship in Food Animals.  Key goals for this vision include aiming to eliminate the use of medically important antimicrobial (defined by the WHO) for growth […]

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The US Sheep Market

The USDA have produced proposals to lift a 25 year ban on the import of UK sheep meat products into the US market.  This follows the lifting of a similar ban for Irish lamb and sheep meat products in 2015. The US has already opened up its market to UK sheep genetics, and UK breeders […]

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Antibiotics back the news

A recent report from the OECD suggests that super-bug infections will kill around 2.4 million people across Europe, North America and Australia by 2050 unless more is done to limit drug-resistant super bugs. Health officials in England launched a campaign to try to prevent people from asking for the drugs when they do not need them. […]

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