January 2015

US Meat Production 2014

The latest USDA meat production figures are out for 2014, beef is estimated as down by 5.7% on 2013, pig meat down by 1.5%, whilst poultry meat is up by 1.5%. The fall in beef production is being driven by falling cattle slaughter numbers, down by 7.1% year on year,[…]

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Latest US Dairy Data

Latest dairy production figures for the US show that production in December 2014 was 3.2% up on December 2013, with cow numbers 1.3% up. Retail milk prices were 4.3% up; the bad news for farmers is that farm gate prices are 7.7% down.

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According to the latest report from Mckinsey productivity growth in developed country agriculture will come from precision technology. Essentially this is producing more with less, using precision sensors and satellite data to target inputs. This will also be accompanied by productivity growth in the food processing sector – with less[…]

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