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Crop Nutrition Training Manual

The project was to develop a short course and workbook on crop nutrition for annual crops. The course covered the following learning outcomes: Client’s feedback: “Jonathan has a great ability to understand the subject matter, keep to timelines and deliver great work is fantastic.” If you would like an online course developed on an agricultural […]

Regenerative Farming: Market Overview

The project’s objectives were to analyse and compare regenerative farming in five countries for potential market entry based on scores against key criteria.

Feasibility Study on Soybean Production in Lebanon

The aim of the study was to establish the theoretical viability of large scale soybean farming for the purpose of supplying the oil and protein industry in Lebanon.

US Speciality Crops

The project was to undertake secondary market research on the US organic speciality crops market.

Feasibility Study on Investment in Agricultural land in Bulgaria

The project was a feasibility study for an agricultural investment in Bulgaria. The work examined different crop and livestock options for a farming enterprise, along with the potential costs of land, the financial returns, along with the operational and legal issues associated with the investment.   Client Feedback: “Jonathan  is a knowledgeable professional, and very […]