Feasibility Study on Soybean Production in Lebanon

Soybean is one of the most valuable crops in the world, due to its multiple uses as a source of livestock and aquaculture feed, protein, and oil for the human diet and biofuels.  Annual soybean meal imports by countries in North Africa and the Middle East are projected to rise by 2.4 million tons by 2025/26, accounting for 18% of the increase in World trade in the period.

The aim of the study was to establish the theoretical viability of large scale soybean farming for the purpose of supplying the oil and protein industry in Lebanon. The study included an assessment of all the basic requirements of land, climate, fertilizer inputs, seed types, farming machinery costs, labor requirements, irrigation methods, etc. The first part of the report assessed the technical feasibility of producing soybeans in Lebanon, whilst the second part established the best business model and strategy to adopt to source the supply of domestically grown soybeans and other oilseeds.

Access to irrigation is critical to the success and establishment of soybean crops in Lebanon.

Client’s feedback:

“Produced accurate and appropriately formatted work much faster than anticipated. The study was in-depth, well written, and provided insights beyond the original intent.”

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