UK Poultry Industry and Pollutants

The report provided research on ammonia pollution from the UK poultry industry and the potential of algae as a pollutant absorbent. The final report covered:

1. An industry overview covering:

  • The scale of UK poultry industry in terms of turnover, annual weight of meat production;
  • The size of the industry in comparison with the beef, sheep meat and pig sectors;
  • The proportion of UK poultry supplied to UK markets and poultry trade.

2. The poultry supply chain

  • An overview  of large scale poultry suppliers, medium and small scale suppliers;
  • The geographical distribution of the poultry sector;
  • Other sectors within the supply chain e.g. veterinary and medicine, animal feed suppliers.

3.  HVAC (Heating Ventilation and Air Control) systems on UK poultry farms

  • A review of the HVAC (Heating Ventilation and Air Control ) systems currently used by UK poultry producers;
  • The distribution of HVAC systems methods used in UK housed poultry farm (and other livestock if available). Which systems and methods are most commonly used by producers in the industry;
  • A discussion on potential policy measures that will be adopted and imposed on the industry with respect to control of ammonia emissions.

4)  The potential of algae to control ammonia emissions

  • A review of the uses of algae in agriculture;
  • An assessment of the feasibility of growing algae  to absorb  pollutants in water waste from poultry farming;
  • A review of how algae absorbs ammonia, nitrous oxide and other relevant pollutants and  the absorption rates; 
  • Recommendations on the potential of commercial products.

Client’s feedback:

“Jonathan’s work is very impressive and he is very professional.”

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