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AgTech in the Post Pandemic World

With Covid-19 the World has entered into a renewed period of economic uncertainty, what impact will this have on agricultural investment, and in Agtech in particular. The growing range of agricultural technology coming onto the market in recent years has been fueled by internal budgets of major agricultural firms and[…]

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Augmented Reality

One area of new technology which may start to make an impact on agriculture is augmented reality (AR).  AR allows you to overlay sensor data, previous crop imagery or some other information over visual reality. For example a set of glasses or goggles that could superimpose another image or computer[…]

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UAVs and Livestock

The Agricultural Drones or UAVs (Unmanned Aerial Vehicles) market is expected to grow to approximately USD 4.3 Billion by 2022, with growth at an annual rate of 27% between 2016 and 2022. However the use of UAVs in livestock farming has generally lagged behind that of crop farming. However a number[…]

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Agricultural Innovation in the CIS

The current challenges to agriculture have raised the need to find new solutions to support farmers and other market players in improving production efficiency, fostering sustainability and empowering the rural population.  According to research carried out by the World Bank, around 75% of the Worlds poor are involved in agriculture, which[…]

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