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Crop Nutrition Training Manual

The project was to develop a short course and workbook on crop nutrition for annual crops. The course covered the following learning outcomes: Client’s feedback: “Jonathan has a great ability to understand the subject matter, keep to timelines and deliver great work is fantastic.” If you would like an online course developed on an agricultural […]

Agricultural Technology – The Top Trends

The client was a crop protection company looking for a better understanding and insight into emerging trends within agricultural technology. The project looked at different aspects of Agtech, including AI, robotics and drones, the benefits to farmers, and the companies implementing them. The business wanted to better understand the agribusiness market in terms of what […]

Beef Industry Data Research

The aim of this research project was to provide detailed research and data on the global beef industry to assist investors.

Regenerative Farming: Market Overview

The project’s objectives were to analyse and compare regenerative farming in five countries for potential market entry based on scores against key criteria.

Agricultural Investment Guide

An investment guide for agribusiness management and investment firm. The report focussed on the outlook and opportunities for agricultural investments in South America in a wide range of specialist cropping and forestry enterprises. “Excellent research Jonathan, well done!”